2017 Submissions

Seventh Heaven Dance Song

2016 Submissions

Zion Calling Drum N Bass Song

2015 Submissions

Silhouette on Fire Drum N Bass Song

2014 Submissions

Dido's Lament "Remix" Techno Song
Forgotten Streets Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fantasm Part II Trance Song
Fantasm Part I Trance Song
I Baroque That Beat Classical Song
Caramelldansen Remix-ProfBacon Dance Song
Little Fugue Remix Classical Song
Stabmeister Techno Song
Tanzhof Techno Song
Ataxia Techno Song
Nightland Hip Hop - Modern Song
Hallowed Grounds Trance Song
Ravers Fantasy Remix- DJ Bacon Dance Song
Schwarzwald Techno Song
Celestial Storm- DJ Bacon Techno Song
Say Yeah/Better offalone Remix Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Other Side - DJ Bacon Techno Song
DEMOlition - DJ Bacon Techno Song
Tha Boss Industrial Song
Around the World in a Day Techno Song
V-Field 4 Life (Remastered) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Unknown Emotions Techno Song
Day of Ruin Reject Industrial Song
Voyage of the Star Mariner Techno Song
New World's Anthem Techno Song
V-Field 4 Life Nerdcore Song
When All Else Fails Video Game Song